Our Commitment

Mad Dog strives to be a responsible steward of the environment. We seek to understand our impact and continuously improve our business practices to achieve the following goals: use resources responsibly; eliminate waste; minimize our carbon footprint; offer a selection of eco-friendly products to our clients; influence our subcontractors and suppliers to embrace sustainable practices; and be an example of sustainable business and construction practices for our community.


Environmental Stewardship


Sustainable Tallahassee

An example of our commitment to building a sustainable community is Mad Dog’s tasking Kristin Dozier, VP and Green Consultant, to focus over half of her time on learning about and promoting sustainable practices in our community. As part of the original initiatives of the Knight Foundation Creative Communities project, Sustainable Tallahassee was born. As Chair of the organizing committee and Founding President in 2008 and 2009, Kristin worked to establish an organization that is serving as a catalyst to establish sustainable projects and support green business opportunities throughout our community.


 Heart of the Earth

The Heart of the Earth movement has been established in the Red Hills and Gulf Coastal Lowlands Bioregions of North Florida/South Georgia to advance the essential work of living sustainably and harmoniously within the web of life at this place on our planet.


Mad Dog Construction and Laurie and Kelly Dozier have supported the Heart of the Earth movement in Tallahassee for several years including hosting the release party for the “Between Two Rivers” book at the Dozier home. 



Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park

The Dozier's have long supported Maclay Gardens through donations to Friends of Maclay Gardens and made their home available as one of the gardens in the Maclay Gardens 2010 Garden Tours.




 Tall Timbers Research Station & Land Conservancy 

Tall Timbers is a widely regarded information resource for the areas of fire ecology, game bird management, vertebrate ecology and forestry. The Land Conservancy is recognized as one of the nation’s leading land trusts, as it has protected traditional land uses in North Florida and South Georgia by conserving more than 100,000 acres in this region through conservation easements.



 Apalachee Land Conservancy

The Apalachee Land Conservancy acquires, manages, and preserves environmentally significant lands in the Apalachee region for the use and enjoyment of its present and future citizens.




World Wildlife Fund






Environmental Defense Fund