What We Do



Dream to Reality

Mad Dog Construction’s project management team has a proven record of being among the best in our service area. Client satisfaction is our #1 goal and our repeat clients are a testament of our success in meeting that goal through practiced thoroughness, integrity and responsiveness. 


Preconstruction Services 

During the initial phase of any project, Mad Dog’s experienced team can provide our clients with guidance and facilitate communication between the owner, architect, engineers and other consultants to ensure the project is well planned.

The Team Approach

Once Mad Dog is selected our Project Manager will assemble the Project Team. With 42 years of experience in team building, Mad Dog can advise you in selecting the right architect/designer(s) for your project style and budget. The right team is critical for the success of the project and this is where Mad Dog’s expertise and knowledge begins to add value to the project as a whole. Once the project team is assembled, Mad Dog’s role as the team leader is to keep the project moving forward in a timely fashion, to help make product and design selections, and to review documents from the designers while adhering to your project goals and budget. 

Our clients value our experience and enjoy the single source responsibility and benefits of having their contractor involved in the initial phase of their projects. Our design capabilities, familiarity with local codes and permitting requirements and our cost conscious approach, guide the project around many of the obstacles that stand in the way of cost control and job completion. The team concept brings together a group of professionals who work closely with the owner to efficiently proceed through the phases of planning, designing and construct.

Project Management

Effective Project Management requires a keen understanding of the design specifications; of local and state regulations and permitting requirements; and of construction materials and systems. Mad Dog’s management team has extensive experience in all these areas and will facilitate communication between the owner and the design and construction team throughout the project.

Sustainable Construction

Mad Dog Construction understands that the built environment has a substantial impact on our social, environmental and economic quality of life and we are committed to promoting and implementing Sustainable Construction in our business. We offer both Consulting Services to help owners incorporate sustainable products and systems into their building or development, and construction management services which include all types of Green Building Certifications.