Who We Are

Laurie Dozier


Experience & Education

Laurie Dozier, a 1972 graduate of Florida State University's College of Arts and Sciences, is president and CEO of Mad Dog Construction, Inc. a Tallahassee-based construction management firm.

Six months after graduation, Laurie joined with many other future neighbors in founding what would become an award-winning intentional community, the Miccosukee Land Cooperative. In addition to participating in the creation of the covenants and restrictions, laying out the roads and the lots, monitoring power line installations and creating a Town Council, Laurie designed and built his home, which he occupied seven months ahead of electricity being available to the Co-Op.

Incorporated in 1977, Mad Dog's initial focus was designing and building well-crafted, energy efficient homes in Mad Dog's environmentally sensitive developments. (Mad Dog was the nickname given to M&D Construction a few years earlier by the director of the Leon County Building Department.) By the early 1990's, the firm had evolved into construction management. focusing on office, retail, multi-family and health care.

Prior to the great recession Mad Dog's client list was exclusively private sector and as a result Mad Dog's work opportunities plummeted. Recognizing the significant value of Mad Dog's brand, staff, facilities and culture, the company was held together while laying the groundwork for successfully expanding into the public sector.

As Mad Dog has garnered significant recognition for its quality work product, its business environment and its community leadership, so has Mad Dog appreciated the confidence of the not-for-profit community and proudly notes a clientele that includes the Children's Home Society, YMCA, Refuge House, DISC Village, United Way, West Gate (adult male housing), Renaissance Center (resources for the homeless), Jean McCully Family House (at Big Bend Hospice) and the Kearney Center (a facility for comprehensive emergency services).

Community Involvement

Laurie currently serves as the Mustian Center Project Executive, a $260,000,000 surgical and ICU addition to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. Laurie has served on numerous community boards and currently serves on the Board of Whole Child Leon and the Leadership Council of FSU's School of Arts and Sciences.


Professional Licenses
General Contractor's License
State of Florida - 1981
#CGC 018607


General Contractor's License
City of San Marcos, Texas - 2001


Unlimited License (Construction)
State of North Carolina - 1997