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Mad Dog Construction

FSU Film School Renovations – 2 Phases

The renovation of the FSU Film School was a multi-floor, multi-phase project of an occupied, educational facility. Renovations included build-out of office space as well as heavily detailed acoustical assemblies. Particular attention was focused on the submittal process and product procurement due to the “specialty” nature of the sound isolation products and assemblies – STC rated doors/frames, weight-specific spring isolaters, wall isolation clips, sound isolation pads, etc. Due to the multi-phased nature of the Film School projects, scheduling, specifically adherence to the schedule, played a critical role in completing the project on time and on budget. In order to meet the department needs, the project was delivered with 6 phases of beneficial occupancy coordinated through BCA and the State Fire Marshal.

Tallahassee, FL
Florida State University
Gilchrist Ross Crowe Architects, PA
Completion Date:
$ 1,723,402.28
Project Manager:
Scott Rowse
Project Superintendent(s):
Mike Earp