Mad Dog Construction
Mad Dog Construction

James Residence

This custom designed home is located on an in-fill lot on what was once a City right of way easement in a well established neighborhood. It has a contemporary flair but has many unique and hidden features. The home is designed to have a near “net zero” impact on our environment and will leave virtually no “carbon footprint”. Highly efficient SIPs wall and roof panels provide incredible insulation values, a 32Kw photovoltaic roof array generates most of the energy needed to operate the home and at peak times the excess produced energy will be sold back to our local utility provider. The exterior envelope is constructed with low maintenance, long lasting products such as Hardie siding, exposed CMU block, and metal roofing. The two most energy consuming appliances (HVAC and water heater) are cutting edge highly efficient and take advantage of the photovoltaic array’s energy production. Every component of this home was evaluated for efficiency, good building practices, and sustainable attributes.

Tallahassee, FL
Jeannette S. James
Johnson Peterson Architects
Completion Date:
Project Manager:
Curtis Whigham
Project Superintendent(s):
David Phelps