Mad Dog Construction
Mad Dog Construction

TMH Employee Health/Human Resources Renovations & University Offices Relocation

The scope of work for the TMH Employee Health, Human Resources and University Offices Relocation project included a complete interior demolition and renovation to convert the building into office space, Human Resources, classrooms and training areas. There were all new upgrades including HVAC, electrical wiring and fixtures, plumbing, insulation, doors, flooring, security system, etc. A site box culvert stormwater conveyance system was installed that is now sized to handle uphill water for future developments.

Tallahassee, FL
Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare, Inc.
Clemons Rutherford & Associates
Completion Date:
$ 2,460,308.00
Project Manager:
Curtis Whigham
Project Superintendent(s):
Darrell Relken & Les Parks